V-USB / ATtiny85 Receive/send rfid tag read

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V-USB / ATtiny85 Receive/send rfid tag read

Post by sswcharlie » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:28 pm

My project is rfid reading. using low cost M302 readers (2 or more). The readers use HID and place the reading of tag data into the position of cursor focus on document on ATtiny85. There is one reader for each area/location
As the readers do not have ID I wan to read tag, add an ID number to the read, and then forward to open Excel spreadsheet on PC. I will need separate ATtiny for each reader, and therefore an ID of its own.
Use V-USB ?

Please comment on my thoughts-

Plug usb reader into ATtiny85 with (usb breakout?)
create or open . txt file on ATtiny85 (create only the first time)
Set cursor to focus on .txt file
Read a tag on rfid reader. The HID on usb places the read from tag, into the focus cursor position in .txt file.?No software needed in .txt file?
Set an id in software for this ATtiny85 only. (as a variable?)
Add as a prefix, the ID number, to reader data into the .txt file
Using keyboard reader? to send combined data to Excel spreadsheet ...readings.xls
Once data sent last data sent is removed from .txt file, ready for next read. (about 1 second)
Return to set cursor focus

ATtiny85 will be powered by battery.

Would like to do with the minimum of software.

Excel spreadsheet - receives data from usb port from usb hub - ATtiny85 plugged into say 4 way hub (with say 3 other ATtiny85 into hub) - usb reader plugged into each ATtiny85.
As each reader is used, its individual ID prefixed to the tag read and placed in Excel. Excel can then manipulate by location/area as required.

I am noobie and need some direction for this project.
Charles Harris

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