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Compile HIDKeys with AVR Studio4

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:06 pm
by EarlGreen
I tried compiling the HIDKeys sources with AVR Studio4 but failed..
I get all the time the following Error:
Desktop\HIDKeys.2012-12-08\default/../HIDKeys.2012-12-08/main.c:281: undefined reference to `usbInterruptIsReady'
Desktop\HIDKeys.2012-12-08\default/../HIDKeys.2012-12-08/main.c:286: undefined reference to `usbSetInterrupt'
Does anybody know what's wrong there?

i just need one button but i'd like to set value/key with a rotary code switch.
Btw is it also possible to use the code stated above with small modifications on a tiny 2313?

Thank you!