el capitan issues

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el capitan issues

Post by puff » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:45 pm



Re: el capitan issues

Post by puff » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:48 pm

puff wrote:try1

Okay. I have an avr programmer (avrdoper) and upgraded my mbp to El Capitan, and now I am having issues.
Here's what it says about the programmer:

ID продукта: 0x05e1
ID производителя: 0x16c0
Версия: 1.00
Серийный номер: avrdoper
Скорость: До 1,5 Мбит/с
Производитель: obdev.at
ID размещения: 0xfa240000 / 2
Допустимый ток (мА): 1000
Потребляемый ток (мА): 200
Избыточный рабочий ток (мА): 0

And here's the error code in the log file .

24.11.16 13:21:28,000 kernel[0]: 056722.523581 StandardUSB::validateEndpointMaxPacketSize: USB 2.0 5.[5|7].3: endpoint 0x81 invalid wMaxPacketSize 0x0008

When I boot from a previous OS, it works just fine. Any ideas what to do and how to fix it?

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