simple vusb project question

General discussions about V-USB, our firmware-only implementation of a low speed USB device on Atmel's AVR microcontrollers
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simple vusb project question

Post by mike808 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:32 pm

aloha everyone!

i'm trying to setup a simple vusb project on a breadboard. i got my project to work on adafruit's trinket (, but wanted to try doing it on a breadboard and then moving from the attiny85 to the attiny2313 chip. here is what my breadboard setup looks like (img tag wasn't working in preview so i put a link in as well in case image doesn't show up in post):
The yellow wire is connected to D- and the orange wire is connected to D+. i am using a USB to TTL cable ( and connecting that to my computer.

the issue: while this works as expected on adafruit's trinket hardware, my breadboard setup does not work. when i plug the usb cable into the computer i see the VID/PID of the cable (expected)

Code: Select all

067b:2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. USB-Serial Controller

however, i do not see my VID/PID that i have configured (in usbdrv/usbconfig.h). am i missing something?


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