Detection Suspend Mode - example.

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Detection Suspend Mode - example.

Post by Maxx » Thu Dec 25, 2014 4:40 pm

I have no opportunity to use the usbSofCount variable therefore I realized another method of detection of a suspend mode:

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    for(;;){                /* main event loop */
            IsBusy = 0;
       }else Sleep();      

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void Sleep()
unsigned int a = 1024, taqt = 0;;
unsigned char val = 0, val_2 = 0;

   val = PINB&0x01;

      val_2 = PINB&0x01;
      val = val_2;
   }else OffLed();

I don't use the mode of the low-energy consumption but only I disconnect a LED.

It is an example, possibly, it is written not absolutely correctly :) You don't judge strictly :)

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