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atmega48 c code into atmel studio 7 help

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:06 pm
by captainssbn
I am building a motor controller for a 3 phase motor. Atmel provides the c code using Doxygen for free. I have downloaded their Studio 7 and also the Code Vision avr c Compiler 4 k version. I alos purchased an MKII device that will connect my PCB 6 pin spi connector to my PCs USB port. I need help with the codevision and studio 7 to get my Mega48 loaded with the code. I've started trying to use this stuff but am having a hard time answering the questions asked when running the wizard.

Is their a tutorial that will help me get this done? better yet can someone do this download and video it and send the video to me or post it to you tube. email me yahoo