indexing iCloud documents

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indexing iCloud documents

Post by danzac » Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:07 pm

Now that iCloud is built into iWork (and other apps) on Mountain Lion, how can I index these items? Launchbar isn't finding them - but Spotlight is.

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Re: indexing iCloud documents

Post by pshizzle » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:35 am

iCloud documents are stored in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/[application-name]/Documents

so it definitely got harder to index them but it's still possible ;)

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Re: indexing iCloud documents

Post by myor » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:12 am

reopening this post re indexing iCloud documents.
Thankful for tips how to insert the search string in LB indexing as proposed in the post from July 31st
I.e a more concrete description for a non-techie.

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Re: indexing iCloud documents

Post by ScreamingPict » Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:31 pm


The steps are;

1- Activate LaunchBar using your usual hotkey
2- Open the index using CMD-OPT-I (or click on the small cogwheel in LaunchBar and select "Index/Show Index")
3- Click the small '+' in the bottom left-hand side of the LaunchBar Index window.
4- Select 'Add Folder'
5- Navigate to ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ and choose that folder (**See below if you cannot see the Library Folder)
6- In the Options for the folder index you just created, set the 'Search Scope' to 'Search all Subfolders' and (optionally) 'Search For:' to 'Documents'.

This will give you a folder search called 'Mobile Documents' with all the iCloud documents in it.
However that will mean it lists a lot of rubbish you probably don't want. To change this you can either;
a) in Step 5 above Navigate to the specific app's folder that you are interested in e.g. ~/Library/Mobile Documents/[application-name]/Documents
b) Select 'Skip Subfolders' in the Index Options and drag all the folders you don't want into there.

I do the latter- putting all the games etc. that use iCloud in the exclude list and just keeping the apps (Numbers, Keynote, Simplenote etc.) that use documents so that new apps are automatically indexed rather than being excluded.

** if you can't see the library folder at all then just Google 'Show Library Folder'; there's a tonne of articles about that.

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