Better Mail App integration

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Better Mail App integration

Post by richramos » Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:30 am

As a follow up to my other post on being able to open an Apple Mail mailbox(*), I'm wondering why, with as much time as we spend doing email, that LB doesn't integrate more closely with Mail?

How much time do you spend traversing down into mailboxes, opening, finding, filing, moving emails around? I know I spend a LOT of time doing that. This would seem like an area that LB would be perfect for making faster.

Overall what I'd like to see:
1) Navigation into mailboxes
2) Navigation to individual emails
3) Filing emails

For #1:
The basics are there as already discussed in the other thread(*). As a comparison I played with QuickSilver yesterday and it does a couple things to make this experience better that would be nice to have in LB:
a) the default behavior when pressing return is to open the mailbox in Mail rather than just opening the folder in finder.
b) it uses the same icons that Apple Mail and the finder use for displaying the mailboxes which are the blue and white trays instead of standard folder icons.

For #2:
When you navigate into the "Messages" folder what QS does instead of just displaying the file name (which is just a number that has meaning only to Mail), it displays the subject of the message and the author. Very handy as it quickly gives meaning to the file.

For #3:
It would be nice to be able to move emails in between mailbox folders. Granted this reaches much farther into the workings of the application, but it would be really nice to have. Maybe this could be done with an Apple Script? Anyone out there know?

QuickSilver allows for Moving, Deleting and Opening of emails: ... ail%20plug
Would be very handy, given how much time we spend doing emails, to have the same functionality in LB.



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Re: Better Mail App integration

Post by drpiety » Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:50 pm

I second that, at least find emails and find email Adresses not listed in the contacts.

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