Temporarily Block All but one or two apps

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Temporarily Block All but one or two apps

Post by decuser » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:52 pm

Hi, I'm a long time user of little snitch, but I've only recently run into a recurring use case that has brought me here in the hopes somebody can help me figure out how to push a button to switch from Advanced mode to something akin to block all ... except for one or two specific applications without having to factory reset and go through endless Do you wanna allow this app, that app, etc.

Here's the scenario:
I'm in the middle of nowhere on a regular basis and having to use my hotspot for network connectivity. This means that I'm bandwidth constrained. So, I want to significantly curtail my normally acceptable background data use (google drive, one drive, drop box, updater this, updater that) and only allow firefox or tor and thunderbird and nothing else do their thing while I'm on the hotspot.

My current workaround:
Every time I connect my hotspot, I reset LS to factory rules and then hurry up and fire up firefox or tor and thunderbird and hit Allow. Then I go through a series of quick Denies for everything else that pops up (and there are 10 or so apps that are constantly polling for internet - ugh). What I hate about this method is the neverending prompting.

What I'd really like:
A button that says temporarily pause all activity but that let's me exclude firefox, tor and thunderbird.

I am aware that I can change the operation mode from Alert to Silent Deny, but then nothing gets through.

Thanks for tips, pointers and of course solutions :)


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Re: Temporarily Block All but one or two apps

Post by Radek » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:19 am

you can have a look here https://help.obdev.at/littlesnitch/adv-profiles
I didn't try it yet, but it may solve your hotspot problem.

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