LS 4.1.2 overriding outgoing connection permission

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LS 4.1.2 overriding outgoing connection permission

Postby BobtheMac » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:00 am

I am unable to register a software upgrade for which I paid roughly $100, and the problem seems to be that LS 4.1.2 is overriding my permission for the software to connect with their server. LS confirms that the software has a valid code signature, but persists in blocking the outgoing connection regardless how many times I try to inactivate this LS-originated rule. it lists the priority as "Extra High - Overrides any other rules because there's an issue with the process' code signature". Is the "process' code signature" different from the "Valid Code Signature" that LS finds for this software? Many users of this forum would know the piece of software, and I have never run across any bad rumors about them, and am reluctant to name them here for that reason.

I would try restarting my Mac (OS 10.13.6) with Little Snitch turned off, except that I was unnerved during my initial activation attempt when the software requested access to my contacts to make registration easier. No, I refused permission for that, and my problems kicked in shortly after that. So can an activation process cade have a signature problem when the software itself does not?

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Re: LS 4.1.2 overriding outgoing connection permission

Postby steve2237 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:21 pm

similar issue here can't use Transmission anymore after last LS update to 4.1

comes up with this
 Extra High – Overrides any other rules because there’s an issue with the process’ code signature

even though it has a valid certificate

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