Google Chrome: Connection approval popups despite covering rule (LS4 & DNS?)

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Google Chrome: Connection approval popups despite covering rule (LS4 & DNS?)

Postby bjohas » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:28 pm

Hello all,

I've got a rule setup that is Google Chrome > allow all outgoing connections. However, in 'alert mode' I still get popups asking me to confirm, looks like mainly ipv6. When I create the rule, my "allow all outgoing connections" is shown as covering the new rule (and correspondingly they show up in redundant. The rules are both 'effective in all profiles'. What's happening?

Also, when I've had operation mode to 'silent deny', some pages in would give a 'server offline' message, e.g. on (depite having the above "allow all outgoing connections"). When I disabled LS4, the page worked. When I enabled it again, the page stopped working. (All in Little Snitch 4, latest version.)

Edit: I think this might be a DNS issue in some way: When the notification pops up, it shows as IPv4 or IPv6 address. But in the network monitor, it's shown as Edit: I've had this for other domains now: The popup (alert mode) shows as IPv4/6, but in the the network monitor it shows as domain. I don't really understand why the popup is IPv4/6, because the browser requests the CNAME?

Any thoughts appreciated, many thanks!

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