NFS problems

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NFS problems

Post by permezel » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:25 am

I have a problem with NFS mounted folders. It just started when I applied the recent OSX update.
I opened a bug against Apple, and they closed it, claiming it was a little snitch error, due to some `dmesg` output I reported associated with the failure.

To recreate:

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   cd /net/${HOST}/home/user
   touch yy
   echo hi | grep hi > yy; cat yy
   echo hi | grep hi | cat > yy; cat yy

Note that ${HOST} is a linux box on the local network. I can also replicate with a Synology NAS manually mounted.

The `grep` programme, updated recently, silently writes 0 bytes to the file. An error is emitted on the console:
nfs send error 89 for server ${HOST}:/home/user
nfs_vnop_close: error 5, 1001 yy
nfs send error 89 for server ${HOST}:/home/user

The `cat` programme was not updated in the recent OSX update, and still works correctly.

I have checked the LittleSnitch logs, and no denials are recorded.
I have turned off the network filtering. Still fails.

I do not believe it is correct for Apple to slam dunk my bug report as "Little Snitch problem -- closed" while ignoring the other issues: IE, `cat` works with stdout redirection, but `grep` fails. However, I thought I would raise the issue here to see if others are seeing the same issue.

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