LS4 Mojave Performance?

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LS4 Mojave Performance?

Post by koosch » Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:10 pm

hi all,

I'm a LS user for 3 years now but have reinstalled it after not using it for about a year.
so i was a little bit behind having to upgrade to LS4 for my Mojave macbook.

Now I have a few questions regarding the performancse of LS4. I have notices a considarable delay in performance of;
* Google Chrome
* MS One Drive
* WhatsApp (desktop app from app-store)
* Mac Mail (connecting to O365) is really slow at the moment.

Now one very important thing; I have a permanent OpenVPN connection for my 'daily internet traffic'. This is mandatory whenever I'm traveling.
I've been doing so without performance delay for over a year. Just when I installed LS4. So to confirm I will do a removal and check performance gain. but I feel like i'm right with my conclusion.

Bottemline, I'm not bashing LS4, I love it.
But I feel the need to share this in order to help to improve the product.

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