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Spotlight Vs Launchbar

Post by Guest » Tue Nov 13, 2007 3:27 am

Hi Folks,

I am considering a purchase of Launchbar. I have Leopard installed on my G5 and I was wondering if someone would tell me the advantages of LaunchBar over Spotlight.



Post by Guest » Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:32 am

I strongly suggest you load LB; read the help; and try it. LB is smart and spotlight is not. For example, I have an applescript I wrote called "pipe_email_to_journler_4". I have a number of other 'pipe' applescripts around as well. But LB has 'learned' that if I type 'pj4', "pipe_email_to_journler_4" is what I want. Now I didn't have to teach it this abbreviation--it learned it. I launch all my applescripts this way--no need for FastScripts and trying to remember keyboard launchers.

Likewise I have a number of Notetaker files which start with the abbreviation FFX--FFX04, FFX05... FFX07--one for each of the last five years. Now I'm working on FFX07. It didn't take long for LB to 'learn' that that's the one I want, so 'ffx' brings it up. However if I want "FFX06", it's sitting there right below the FFX07 selection, because that's the only other FFX file that I've referenced recently. The others are lower on LB's selection list.

But LB is much more than a file finder and launcher.

I also use LB as a file mover. By hand or in LB I select a file in the finder and 'cmd-c' to 'copy' it. Then in LB I type an abbreviation for the folder where I want to send the files; when it is selected, I type 'cmd-v' to 'paste' them. LB asks if I want to copy or move the files, and 'm' moves them. It's the easiest way to keep a clean desktop.

There are dozens of other capabilities in LB-so you really need to explore it.

Good luck!



Not to mention latency

Post by Guest » Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:27 am

I've always felt that LaunchBar reacts faster than QuickSilver to my input. This might have something to do with its "smartiness" mentioned above, but anyhow, in the everyday use you end up thinking much less of LaunchBar's existence than Quicksilver's. LaunchBar just magically launches what you were expecting it would.

I was hoping Spotlight in Leopard would make LaunchBar more-or-less obsolete, but it didn't. Spotlight still doesn't learn from your input. LaunchBar does. So I'm back to my favorite UI helper app for OS X.

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Post by rhywun » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:19 am

LaunchBar and Spotlight serve 2 different functions (at least, for me). I use LaunchBar to quickly launch stuff, perform web searches, navigate thru folders etc. I use Spotlight to search for stuff. Spotlight's advantage is that it can search the contents of files. It indexes your entire drive (except for system files?) so it can find almost anything. LaunchBar only looks where you tell it to, so the results in those folders are faster than Spotlight. Spotlight can also launch stuff, but like the other poster said, it doesn't learn from your usage habits (although it's improved in Leopard by listing apps at the top).

In short, both applications are very useful.

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