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Alphabetical listing please

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:06 am
by Walter
When i want to use LaunchBar to find and launch an application why is that when i type in the first letter for the name of the application, for example " Fidelia " launchbar will prepare a list starting with the letter " F "but never in a strict alphabetical order. For example it could be FreeTime, FaceBook , iFlicksand so on.... Then i have to scroll thru a listing and find the application i want.

How can i setup launchbar provide me with an strictly alphabetical listing of the applications.

Re: Alphabetical listing please

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:34 am
by norbert
LaunchBar uses an adaptive search algorithm, that ranks the search result based on previous usage patterns. It automatically adapts to your habits, allowing you to select your most frequently accessed items by typing just one or two letters.

For example, you might type ED in order to select TextEdit. In case of an alphabetical listing, TextEdit would appear somewhere at the end of the list. With LaunchBar's adaptive sorting it can appears as your top match.

Re: Alphabetical listing please

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:48 pm
by Walter
I sort of realized that. However if i type the first couple of letters of the application i want to launch it becomes like buying a lotto ticket. Then i still have to scroll down ( mind you the listing is somewhat shorter ) to the app> select that app> assign some logical lettering to it : for example for Logic Pro i have assigned LP.

My point is what a waste of my time to accommodate a search engine that has been designed to do what ever it feels like doing with all the stuff i have in working hard drive.

Why can't i type in for example logic and have the search engine do the rest for me. Why you ask, Well, because when i type in logic the first item for example was loop-o-matic and the next item was generate logs and then other listing no where close to Logic Pro . I still had to scroll down the list to find logic pro

Now, i admit once you find the app you want and assign some letters then launch bar will launch the app. Therefor it is me that is doing all the work not the search engine.

It seems that the search engine needs to be refined to suit the needs of the user.. Or on the other hand perhaps the user should be allowed to select for example a wild card search engine or a strictly alphabetical search engine.

And then more often then not, i simply open the application, documents, utilities etc folder, find the app or what ever and place the item in the "dock".