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Time Conversion

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:39 am
by G3t/All
I was using VLC and had to pause a movie and restart the player, so I noted the time was at 45:39 so I could remember exactly where I left off. I reopened the player and noticed I had to input the time in seconds, which prompted me to create this search template that uses the calculator function to convert minutes to seconds, and vice versa for the second one. Please enjoy...

Code: Select all

Name: Convert Minutes to Seconds
URL: x-launchbar:calculate?argument=*&expression=@*60&title=@%20Minutes%20=&result=@%20Seconds
Encoding: UTF-8

Code: Select all

Name: Convert Seconds to Minutes
URL: x-launchbar:calculate?argument=*&expression=@/60&title=@%20Seconds%20=&result=@%20Minutes
Encoding: UTF-8

The second one is perfectly accurate, but the first one will only convert whole numbers and decimals, not MM:SS format. Just keep that in mind when your converting. I'll make some more later for metric conversions etc... when I have more time 8)