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getting data faster

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:47 pm
by ulao
From what I know:
low-spped is limited to 8 bytes per poll.
Poll times are set by by the os windows says 10ms but is really 8 and linux can do 2ms ect...

I have a need to draw to a LCD and with a res of: 48 dot width × 32 dot height. I want to draw the image under 16 ms or so. 16 bytes is not going to cut it so what can be done? I thought about using non int based in (lumps of data) but its not guaranteed and I dont think is the best solution. The other thought I had was compressing and un-compressing it. An mpg like compression would work well as this is an image. I very commonly will have many bytes all zeros or all one's.

Is there anything I'm not thinking of here?