Using V-USB on ATMEGA328P with Arduino

General discussions about V-USB, our firmware-only implementation of a low speed USB device on Atmel's AVR microcontrollers
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Using V-USB on ATMEGA328P with Arduino

Post by tytower » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:23 pm

I'm trying to use V-USB in a "C" program with the Arduino IDE programming an atmega328p and although I have the V-USB downloaded and have put the "vusbdrv" folder complete in the libraries section of my arduino sketchbook . All the ".h and .c" files are available there as is "usbconfig.h" it does not seem to be able to get and use the functions? I get this error message on compile

VUSBExample1.cpp.o: In function `main':
VUSBExample1.cpp:22: undefined reference to `usbInit()'
VUSBExample1.cpp:35: undefined reference to `usbPoll()'

I have spent a lot of time reading through V-USB documentation and cannot see why it should not work with the Arduino IDE
Does anybody have any knowledge of using V-USB with the Arduino IDE ? I use Arduino Version 1.0.1 to program the chip

Here is the code I am trying to compile

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#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include <avr/wdt.h>

#include "usbdrv.h"

#define F_CPU 16000000L
#include <util/delay.h>

USB_PUBLIC uchar usbFunctionSetup(uchar data[8]) {
        return 0; // do nothing for now

int main() {
        uchar i;

    wdt_enable(WDTO_1S); // enable 1s watchdog timer

    usbDeviceDisconnect(); // enforce re-enumeration
    for(i = 0; i<250; i++) { // wait 500 ms
        wdt_reset(); // keep the watchdog happy
    sei(); // Enable interrupts after re-enumeration
    while(1) {
        wdt_reset(); // keep the watchdog happy
    return 0;

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Re: Using V-USB on ATMEGA328P with Arduino

Post by ulao » Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:01 pm

Have you put the usbconfig.c in the make? Can you show us your make file.

Peter Chaffe
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Re: Using V-USB on ATMEGA328P with Arduino

Post by Peter Chaffe » Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:56 pm

the c language of arduino c is not the same as the c language of avr. Your going to need to screw around a lot with the code(not recommended) or Use a real programming environment like avr studio for instance, You will find it compiles no trouble...



Re: Using V-USB on ATMEGA328P with Arduino

Post by probono » Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:22 pm is what you are looking for

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