Please some one help me

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Please some one help me

Post by ali_dehbidi » Sun Feb 18, 2007 5:48 pm

Hi everybody
i'm a newbe and have problem compiling power switch by winavr version
20070122 after some out put it says no such file or directory.
the complit out put is here

> "make.exe" all
avr-gcc -Wall -Os -Iusbdrv -I. -mmcu=at90s2313 -c usbdrv/usbdrv.c -o usbdrv/usbdrv.o
avr-gcc -Wall -Os -Iusbdrv -I. -mmcu=at90s2313 -x assembler-with-cpp -c usbdrv/usbdrvasm.S -o usbdrv/usbdrvasm.o
avr-gcc -Wall -Os -Iusbdrv -I. -mmcu=at90s2313 -c usbdrv/oddebug.c -o usbdrv/oddebug.o
avr-gcc -Wall -Os -Iusbdrv -I. -mmcu=at90s2313 -c main.c -o main.o
In file included from main.c:12:
c:/program files/winavr/bin/../avr/include/avr/signal.h:36:2: warning: #warning "This header file is obsolete. Use <avr/interrupt.h>."
avr-gcc -Wall -Os -Iusbdrv -I. -mmcu=at90s2313 -o main.bin usbdrv/usbdrv.o usbdrv/usbdrvasm.o usbdrv/oddebug.o main.o
rm -f main.hex main.eep.hex
avr-objcopy -j .text -j .data -O ihex main.bin main.hex
./checksize main.bin
C:\Documents: C:\Documents: No such file or directory
make.exe: *** [main.hex] Error 127

> Process Exit Code: 2

please some body help me and send me the answer by my email
my email is ""
thanks for your concern

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