MFC Application error when debugging AVR-USB project

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MFC Application error when debugging AVR-USB project

Post by -=Vchik=- » Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:56 pm

I found some interesting project at


1. Load it into AVR Studio 4
2. Compile (retype some paths to *.h files)
3. Build (no errors)

Then try to start debugging and get MFC Application Error...then AVR studio closes.

Tested on: AVR Studio 4.13.528 and AVR Studio 4.13.571
Tested WinAVR versions: 20071221 and 20070515
MS Visual Studio Debugging of the crashed AVR studio gives the reason: Unhandled exeption in ntdll.dll. When push continue debugging AVR Studio prints in message window: Error loading object file ...*.elf

I found some answers on similar problems in the internet, but all those problems were in using Win Vista or MS Office 07. But I have Win SP2 + Office 03

Also tested on other machine with Win SP2 + Office XP - got the same exception

Maybe somebody knows where the troubles?


Post by -=Vchik=- » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:11 pm

Ou! I don't know what have I done but now it's working!

I reintalled AVR Studio and WinAVR:

AVR Studio 4.13.571 + WinAVR 20070515 work fine!
but when I use winavr 20071221 the same problem occurs...

So =) WinAVR 20070515 is ok =)

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