Is there a list of webyep admin img classes?

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Is there a list of webyep admin img classes?

Postby Eelco » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:52 pm


Since the new WebYep 1.7 it is recommended ( not to use img classes.
Most of the time I use images wrapped in div's but sometime I would like to ad an image inline.

Whenever I apply a style like img {display:block;float:left;clear:both;} and I will view the page in editing mode, all the little webyep images inherit this style as well and this will look a bit silly.

I have to apply separate styles like:

a.WebYepShortTextEditButton img,a.WebYepRichTextEditButton img,a.WebYepMenuEditButton img,a.WebYepLoopAddButton img,a.LoopRemoveButton img,a.WebYepLoopUpButton img,a.WebYepLoopDownButton img,a.WebYepLoopEnabledButton img,a.WebYepLoopRemoveButton img,a.WebYepLongTextEditButton img,a.WebYepImageEditButton img,a.WebYepGalleryUpButton img,a.WebYepGalleryAddButton img,a.WebYepGalleryRemoveButton img,a.WebYepGalleryDownButton img,a.WebYepGalleryEditButton img,a.WebYepAttachmentEditButton img {float: left;clear: none;}

…but I am sure I am missing some items: does anyone have a complete list of all these items?

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