Help!!! From a beginner!!

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Help!!! From a beginner!!

Post by ccwha » Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:35 pm

Heyyy everyone! Ive been trying to figure out webyep but I think I'm just in over my head.

I was put in charge of a website for a club, the previous people used iweb, well i dont have a mac. ( i know i need one!)

Well, found webyep and thought, thats exactly what i need, if only I can get it installed. And here i am. i have an html editor and also have access to dreamweaver, not that i know how to use dreamweaver lol. my knowledge of html is basic at best. ask me to change a color I can do it, ask me to change a website and i'm like uhhhhhh.

believe it or not, i actually figured out how to get the site imported into dreamweaver so I'm not completely hopeless lol. if anyone can help dumb it down for me, or help me to get webyep up and running i'd be forever grateful. pleeeeasssee help me!

the site is

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Re: Help!!! From a beginner!!

Post by tonylees » Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:19 pm

HI there,
Do you still need help with this? Mail me and I will try and help! ( I don't have a mac either lol)


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