Conflict with "Forms To Go"

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Conflict with "Forms To Go"

Post by wuhoo » Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:51 pm

Hi, I have recently come across a form validation conflict with another software that I use called Forms To Go from BeBosoft ( "Forms To Go is a desktop application for generating (form mail) scripts in PHP, ASP, and Perl to process your web based HTML forms. Forms To Go does not create forms; it processes them." I find it to be along similar lines like WebYep where it provides a great web solution without having to be a developer or hard-core programmer. I am currently using the latest non-beta release of both WebYep (1.4.4) and FTG (4.2.2).

On a couple of my web projects (on which I used WebYep) and which required forms, I created a mail script file via Forms To Go in order to process the form with validation and referenced it in my form action. When I intentionally leave required fields blank or insert invalid data into certain fields in order to test the form and click on Submit, all I get is a blank page. It is supposed to return me back to my form and show me the form errors. If I fill the form correctly, the data is submitted and I get to my thank you landing page and the data is email to me.

After some further testing, I believe the issue resides with having the WebYep init code on the form page. To be clear, the html form is not created via the WebYep WYSIWYG editor. I create the via Dreamweaver on the page an upload to the host server. As a test, I created another form on a site page with no WebYep init code and used the same form script. The errors are properly returned on the form page as expected.

Anyone else use Forms To Go or have any thoughts about this? I will post on the FTG forum as well to see if anyone there is using WebYep.


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Re: Conflict with "Forms To Go"

Post by johannes » Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:18 pm

Please activate the debug mode of WebYep - to do so, change the line containing the debug setting in the config-inc.php to:

$webyep_bDebug = true;

Then WebYep should display some error message instead of a blank page.

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