Can I watch Hulu in VR?

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Can I watch Hulu in VR?

Postby blakejones » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:23 am

At Hulu, we are inspired by great storytelling and are passionate about evolving the art and experience of storytelling in TV and movies. 360-degree content puts you in the middle of the action and gives content creators the ability to create much deeper visual, auditory and emotional immersion. VR lets the content creators transport you into their world – to help you feel what it is like to be present, to be in the moment.

We are thrilled with the current range of VR films available to stream in the Hulu app and will be looking to continually add more content over time. Today we have more than 25 pieces of exclusive and premium content from Baobab Studios, Discovery Communications, Las Vegas, The National Geographic Channel, RYOT, Showtime Networks, SilVR Thread, Spoke, Studio Transcendent, The Uprising Creative and Viacom available in the Hulu VR app. All 3D virtual films are available for every VR app user to experience, with or without a Hulu subscription.

The new VR app also includes Hulu’s first originally produced VR short film, “The Big One.” For the short, Hulu partnered with Lionsgate to bring Freddie Wong and his RocketJump brand into the virtual reality space. “The Big One” invites users to witness a meteor shower that soon turns into an apocalyptic nightmare.
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