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netgear 9100

Postby has55 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:17 am

I have a netgear 9100 digital entertainer express. I was told on the netgear forum that sharity will solve my SMB problems. see below.

In the NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Configuration Assistant, when I select the folders to be shared (with the checkboxes), I'm being asked to enter my username and password. I'm the only user on my computer and naturally I have administrator rights. I enter my password, but the the configuration assistant gives me the following error message: "Authorization failed. You must be administrator to share folders".

These are my sharing settings on my Mac:
- File sharing is on (SMB-sharing is also on)
- Movie folder is shared
- I have reading and writing rights

if I try manually from the net gear device, everything is find till it ask to writ to the share folder. I get this response:

"the EVA cannot access my shares anymore."

Reason: it cannot write to the .EVAData folder
Besides the fact that the EVA/Netgear software created this folder itself, the folder has permissions for everyone to read and write. So why this sudden change?? Scans for media come up empty and when browsing folders nothing is found.

Does anyone have any experience using sharity with this product netgear 9100 digital entertainer express?
do I just install it and it runs in the background or do I need to start it up each time? I got the sharity recommendation from the below thread.

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Re: Sharing problems on Mac
Originally Posted by Januzzi
Why is it not possible to drag a 7 GB ISO to the "digitalentertainer" media folder in the finder.
And why is it no problem with a 700 mb avi.
All the larger files (aprox 2 gb or more) don't copy to the internal HD of the DE.

After the upload i get an error message.
Mac support for SMB file shares is rather poor. Some folks have overcome this with a software addon (Sharity). A home license costs about $29.

Thanks for any help-has55.

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