can't ls

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can't ls

Postby sugar2 » Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:35 am

Hi, I have installed the Sharity3 in a OpenBSD 4.7 i386 platform, sharity package I have installed is: sharity.3.8.openbsd-i386,

I have one mount, here the nfs options that /sbin/mount uses:

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localhost:smb://cdr/cdr on /mnt/buffalo type nfs (v3, tcp, rdirplus, wsize=65536, rsize=65536, rdirsize=65536, timeo=6000, retrans=101, readahead=4)

the problem is that after one level of directories it does not take the wildcard *, that never happened before so I am quite confused why this happens, here a simple test that shows what I mean: first two commands works, but the third command fails.

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$sudo ls /mnt*

$sudo ls /mnt/buffalo*

$sudo ls /mnt/buffalo/msc*
ls: /mnt/buffalo/msc*: No such file or directory

Any help will be really appreciated, thanks in advance!


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