License limit exceeded: too many users logged in at server

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License limit exceeded: too many users logged in at server

Postby jonhardt » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:23 pm

I am getting this message when trying to add more connections to a particular server....I have a business there a configuration option to increase the number of users I can have logged in to a server?

bash-3.00# sharity license -v
Valid up to version: 3
Serial number: xxxxxxxxxx (I x'd this out)
Maximum installations: 2
License type: Business

Active Clients:

Active Users:
1: [10006] AmAgCredit
2: [10007] FCSouthwest
3: [10008] FCWest
4: [10009] FirstPioneer
5: [10010] WestNY
6: [10014] Yankee
7: [10015] Maine
8: [10016] NorthWestFCS
9: [10018] FPIBlockLoanP
10: [100] hardtj
11: [10021] FPIBALFTPProd
12: [1002] olbfpi
13: [1003] olbdatah
14: [1004] AgCountryOLBp
15: [1005] AS400P
16: [1006] NWFCSPPAp
17: [1007] degolib
18: [1008] uthamk
19: [1009] wilsonl
20: [1010] ramamur

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Objective Development
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Re: License limit exceeded: too many users logged in at server

Postby christian » Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:28 pm

Business licenses are limited to 20 simultaneous logins. They are intended for workstation computers with one primary user. The other 19 logins are safety margin :-). If you really need more than 20 simultaneous logins, we assume that this is a kind of login server used by many people. We sell (more expensive) server type licenses for this situation.

These logins may be remainings, though. People who used the workstation before may not have logged out with Sharity. To prevent this, you may want to add a logout hook which runs "sharity logout -a" to log out the user from all servers.

If you have automatic logins via Kerberos or the keychain, daemon processes may log in users without their knowledge. In this case you may want to add an automatic logout time. Since login occurs transparently anyway, users won't notice the logout.

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