Newbie trick: accidentally re-assigned Abbreviation

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Newbie trick: accidentally re-assigned Abbreviation

Post by jackvinson » Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:23 am

Hello gang-

I managed to assign the abbrevation "Google" to the wrong google search - I assigned it to Google Exact String instead of the basic Google.

Is there a way to remove other abbreviations and tell Launchpad that I REALLY REALLY want my "Google" abbreviation to point back to the basic Google search? I've done Cmd-Option A several times against the Google search, but that doesn't bring it up in priority order.

Or do I have to do it the long way and keep running this command over and over again, until it re-learns my preference?


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Re: Newbie trick: accidentally re-assigned Abbreviation

Post by ratty » Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:58 pm

You just go to Google Search action, then assign Abbreviation. It changes it back for me. If not just use if few times, it should work. If you REALLY need it instantly, you can change your habits directly in the Applications Support folder.
Also why assign GOOGLE to search when a simple G would do... Only use longer abbreviation when shorter one is unavailable. Even then you could do: GO, GG, GL.

My search abbreviations are the shortest.
Dictionary: D
Google: G
Google Image: GI
Wikipedia: W
WolframAlpha: :

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