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"New Day One Entry with Selection" does not seem to work

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:40 pm
by davemee
"day" and "one" are too common words to be able to search this forum with!

When I trigger the action "New Day One Entry with Selection", I get a nice little text box open in LB, into which I dutifully enter text. Day one then appears, with a blank window.

Not what I'm expecting. I'd hope the text would carry over, at least; ideally, it would use the terminal Day One interface to create the entry transparently and magically for me, and not bother with opening an application I would then need to dismiss. (I actually wrote this as my first-ever LB action and posted it on this forum, but it no longer works).

Am I alone in having this problem? Would there be any chance LB will offer invisible logging to Day One in the future? (I'm using Day One with iCloud as a storage back-end, if that sheds any light)