Sending files to other folders (Finder mode)

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Sending files to other folders (Finder mode)

Post by aristidesfl » Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:25 pm

Currently, to copy or move a file, one still has to select an option from a menu, after pressing return.
To circumvent the menu a user can choose to press one of the following combinations of modifier keys:

Command-Return: Move to Folder
Option-Return: Copy to Folder
Command-Option-Return: Make Alias
Control-Return: Make Symbolic Link (Absolute)
Control-Option-Return: Make Symbolic Link (Relative)
Control-Shift-Return: Make Hard Link

However, for some people, remembering the correct modifier and pressing it before hitting return, can be as expensive and take even more time than actually selecting the desired option from the menu, so it ends up not saving much time and effort for them.

There could be an option in the preferences, which would activate intuitive defaults analogous to Finder's behaviour, for the two most basic operations of move and copy, so that modifiers and menus could be avoided most of the time, for people who prefer simplicity.

  • "Send to", with the tab, would be like a drag and drop. It would always move the file to the destination. Except if the destination is in another Volume, in which case it would be copied, just like Finder does.
  • cmd-c/cmd-v would always copy the file to the destination.
  • cmd-return would open the menu we are used to, with all the possible actions including alias and symlinks.

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