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create new abbreviation

Post by svirsky » Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:24 pm

Good Morning and Happy new Year. I created a new word document called Journal 13. It is indexed but I want to create an abbreviation, can someone tell me how? When I type up first several letters in launchbar it does not show. When I go to index and search index the file shows.

Appreciate the help

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Re: create new abbreviation

Post by ape » Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:43 pm

Taken from LaunchBar's help:

Assigning abbreviations

In some cases you may find it desirable to explicitly assign an abbreviation to a particular item. The Assign Abbreviation command (Command-Option-A) allows to assign arbitrary abbreviations to the currently selected item. This approach is especially useful for assigning very short, one or two-letter abbreviations. It’s even possible to assign custom, non-standard abbreviations with characters that are not contained in the item’s name.
You might for example assign a single apostrophe character to the Enter Text action (which can’t be abbreviated with apostrophe otherwise), to make this item quickly accessible via Instant Open. You can then press and hold apostrophe to invoke this action with a single keystroke.

Reassigning abbreviations

In order to reassign an already used abbreviation, simply use this abbreviation twice with the new item, and LaunchBar will adapt to your changed preferences automatically.
Or you can use the Assign Abbreviation command (Command-Option-A) to change the abbreviation immediately.

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