launnchbar not resolving symlinks

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launnchbar not resolving symlinks

Post by ptim » Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:22 am


I've just installed an SSD and 1tb data drive in my MBP, and used migration assistant to migrate from my old drive. I've got my home folder on the SSD, and have symlinked the big data folder (Documents, Movies, Downloads, etc) to the 2nd HDD using the method from: ... hdd-setup/

My issue is that whilst nearly everything works, launchbar is not finding some files.

In particular, I have a disk image called admin.sparsebundle. I have added it to the custom list index, and refreshed rules. It won't show up in a search for 'admin'. Furthermore, if I Right click on the entry in the index and select 'Show in Finder', then Cmd-space, Cmd-g to get that file from finder, then Cmd-Alt-A to assign a shortcut, and launchbar tells me that this file is not in the index.

This appears to be the case for the other files in the custom list, too, though there seems to be no trouble with folders i've dragged into the sidebar with rules such as 'list folders, no subfolders'.

hope someone can help!

cheers, Tim
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Re: launnchbar not resolving symlinks from Custom List?

Post by ptim » Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:17 am

This is still bugging me - has anyone had this?
Any comments from devs?

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Re: launnchbar not resolving symlinks

Post by ptim » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:24 am

Topic: Bug Report
ProductVersion: 5.3.1 nightly (940).v940
CPU: x86_64

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Steps to reproduce:
open the launchbar index
drag in a symlinked folder:
~/Downloads/Torrents links to /Volumes/Optimus/Eon/Downloads/Torrents
save index, refresh
invoke, 'dw' shows downloads, right arrow, 't' shows torrents
Cmd+Alt+a assign abbreviation
Error: this is not in your index


assign abbreviation, prioritize selected symlinks as usual


the error in the screenshot


My boot drive is an SSD which contains my home folder, but Downloads, Docs, Picture, Music, etc are all symlinked to a second drive i've installed in the dvd bay. Can't think of any other apps having trouble, offhand.


Thanks, Tim
error message
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Resolved: launnchbar not resolving symlinks

Post by ptim » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:07 am

Resolved! (or at least a good workaround!).

I've always set 'Access via Sub Search' to keep my index really slim, and it's always worked. Maybe this changed in a recent build? The resolution for me here was unchecking "access items via Sub Search only'. This can be found under the options tab for the item you've added in the Index.

I've found that I can now assign an abbreviation for my target at either the absolute path or the symlinked path. Launchbar treats them as completely separate. I've chosen to set an abbreviation for the symlinked item. Eg:
~/Documents => Abbr: DOC

Cheers, Tim

From Norbert:

'I think I've found a possible cause for this problem.

In the first case, where you've selected ~/Downloads/Torrent
in LaunchBar, Assign Abbreviation cannot work, because the
item that you've added to your Custom List refers to
/Volumes/Optimus/Downloads, which is a different

But in the second case, it should definitely work. Is it
possible that you've enabled the "Access items via
sub-search only" option in the Options pane of your Custom
List indexing rule? In that case the Assign Abbreviation
command doesn't seem to work properly. We'll have to look
into this.'

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Re: launnchbar not resolving symlinks

Post by mikhelee » Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:05 am

If I add a symlinked folder manually, I can assign an abbreviation to it. But not to the subfolders it contains. I would need to manually add each and everyone of those subfolders to be able to assign an abbreviation to those. Which is not reasonable for me to do.

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