Feature request: Robust and stable index

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Feature request: Robust and stable index

Post by lpb2ha-me » Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:06 pm

I would like LB to support this scenario:
1. Add folder F to custom list.
2. Use LaunchBar, accessing items in folder F via LaunchBar, which updates LB's internal index of items in that folder.
3. Add this folder to the sidebar
4. Delete folder from custom list.

(or repeat the above, swapping custom list with sidebar).

I.e., the index ultimately should refer to files. The custom list has some limitations (no pattern exclusions) which sometimes causes the need to use a LB sidebar folder rather than a custom list item. Logically, the scenario above is a *move* operation. This is not how it is implemented, but the move operation is what the user may be doing here.

Currently, LB essentially forgets/loses all the indexing information in that scenario, meaning that it needs to be retrained. For folders containing thousands of files, that's a problem.

(I am currently doing this scenario for my very large Mendeley folder, for example, in order for LaunchBar to stop picking up .skim files in the index.)

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Re: Feature request: Robust and stable index

Post by jackvinson » Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:27 am

Agreed! I also find that LaunchBar forgets my abbreviations - but not consistently. I created a new custom search template (and abbreviation), and any time I need to reboot my machine, it seems that my abbreviation has been forgotten. (Half the time it also loses my search template. I add it back, and then I find there are two copies of it.)

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