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Not indexing AddressBook postal addresses

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:06 am
by nicerobot
I'm stumped. I expected LB to show the postal address for all AddressBook entries when typing part of an address but it doesn't appear to. Every other item from every AddressBook entry is listed and searchable except for the postal address (street, city, state, zip). That is, it doesn't list the AddressBook card when i start typing my address but it works when typing phone numbers, IM accounts names, .. but when typing my address all that appears is a browser history item for zillow.

I've verified that indexing progress is complete. I've updated the index. I've deleted the AddressBook index and recreated it. I've quit LB and restarted. Still no addresses.

8GB MBP OS X.6.3
LB 5.0.2 (655), November 4, 2009