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feature sugg.: "push to application" or "instant insert"

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:43 pm
by mprobst78
I have often thought about the possibility to push an item from Launchbar to the frontmost application. Interesting tasks this would allow include:

• You are already composing an email and want to include some file last-minute. You select the file in launchbar and send it directly to your email-software.
• Your are selecting the folder where the file should be saved in a standard-"save file" dialogue. You select the folder in LB and send it to the save dialogue.

Basicaly, it is drag-and-dropping to the last focus position without touching the mouse.

The feature would have to be aware of the current cursor or focus position in the receiving application. I can imagine that is no easy task, but it would augment the awesomeness of LaunchBar.