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[Feature Request] Auto select second clipboard history item

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:30 pm
by BloodDragon
I've been using CuteClips a lot for clipboard history, but have found that Launchbar could replace this program as it has a build-in clipboard history. I love the way this works, but miss one feature that exists in CuteClips. When opening the clipboard history (for example using a keyboard shortcut) I would like Launchbar to automatically select the second clipboard history item, instead of the first.

I can past the first directly by pressing Cmd+V, so I actually never use this first clipboard history through Launchbar. Now I always press down first and it would save some time if there was an option to select the second history item instead.

Re: [Feature Request] Auto select second clipboard history item

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:39 pm
by TomEck
I am not sure if this is really necessary. Have you tried to get used to invoke the second clipboard item by hitting the clipboard short cut twice? You colud also hit twice the clipboard short cut which paste the item directly in the moment you release the keys...

Re: [Feature Request] Auto select second clipboard history item

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:43 pm
by norbert
As mentioned by TomEck, you can hit the shortcut twice to quickly select the second item.

Note that selecting the first item in the history can be useful as well:

(1) If you've configured the clipboard history to paste "As Plain Text" you can use the Select from history shortcut to paste a plain text version of the copied text, whereas ⌘V would paste the rich text version.

(2) When you are using ClipMerge to collect a number of files, the Show clipboard history shortcut quickly selects those files (since they are currently on the clipboard), so you can press Tab to send the files to a folder or to process some action.

Re: [Feature Request] Auto select second clipboard history item

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:10 am
by jeffwhitfield
I think what BloodDragon is trying to say is that there are times when you want to copy multiple items of text and then paste them into multiple ares in the same order. This is something that I do quite frequently with iClips and ClipMerge won't help with this problem. However, LaunchBar has the potential of addressing this with just a few minor changes. Here's how the process could work:

Let's say that I have a form within an app that contains six different fields of information that I want to copy over into a different form. Starting with the first field, I select the text, copy it, tab to the next field, copy it, and so on. After I'm done, LaunchBar would show each of the six bits of information in the clipboard history.

Now, here is where a change might be necessary. Currently, the "paste and remove from history" option works in reverse, meaning that it starts with the last item and works backwards in the clipboard history. What if there was an option in the clipboard preferences that simply allows you to set which direction to paste and remove from when invoking the "paste and remove from history"? I could then set it to start from the first history item instead of the last. That way I could start from the beginning of the form and perform a "paste and remove, tab, paste and remove, tab" type operation thus greatly reducing the time it takes to perform this operation.

Going a step further, you could have some sort of auto selection of the next clipboard item when pasting. This way you can still do rapid-fire pasting in either forward or reverse order but maintain the contents of the clipboard in the process.

One other little thing I think would be a great addition is the ability to set a keyboard shortcut for clearing the clipboard history. I typically go through a process where I copy multiple bits of text, paste them where they need to go, clear the clipboard history, and repeat the process. Automating as much of this through keyboard shortcuts dramatically reduces the time it takes. Every little bit helps. :D

Hope this clarifies the problem.

Re: [Feature Request] Auto select second clipboard history item

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:38 pm
by os4
I use PTHPasteboard, which provides this functionality beautifully. Custom shortcuts can be set for any clipboard index. An option allows the selected index to shift to the "top" of the list. I would love to use Launchbar for this, but PTHPasteboard remains my go-to because of this one feature.