Desired: Use the Finder to perform copies/moves

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Desired: Use the Finder to perform copies/moves

Post by jwiegley » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:57 am

I've noticed that any attempt to copy/move a file within LaunchBar has these two drawbacks:

1. It will not copy/move on top of an existing file. So, I can't just bulk copy a bunch of disk images to my archive directory, hoping to update the older versions. All I get is an "OK" dialog, which then forces me to use the Finder to complete the copying.

2. There is no progress bar, so I really don't know when large copies/moves have ended.

Both of these problems could be solved very nicely by having LaunchBar invoke the Finder to perform the moves/copies (or Path Finder), rather than doing it itself. Internally, it could just be a snippet of AppleScript based on which Finder I'm using:

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tell application "Path Finder"
  duplicate/move {"/some paths..."} to "/Target folder"
end tell


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