Trying Launch Bar, need equivalent of QS ", trick"

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Post by FredSmith » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:18 pm

knight777 wrote:Original thread starter here. I saw the Launchbar 5 beta and decided to check it out as I promised. I have my $20 bucks all ready but there is still no comma trick.

4+ years since Quicksilver introduced this handy concept to the application launcher genre and not a one has implemented it (that I've found at least).

If you search the web for "comma trick" you'll find all sorts of requests for just about every application launcher asking for its equivalent and nobody has done it.

Maybe its just not as important as I think it is or maybe its really hard to implement. Whatever the case, I guess I'm sticking with Quicksilver for as long as it runs on my Mac or an app launcher in active development adds this feature.

I can see that you're somewhat frustrated ... :?

It might be worth having a try anyway, Launchbar does have a clipboard function. Personally, I find it too fiddly to be of any real use, but YMMV

Something that may be of interest to you though. Quicksilver's original creator now works for Google, and he's just released a new search thingy for the Mac. With a bit more work, it might evolve into QS2.

Good grief! You've already seen it haven't you! .... :D

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Post by knight777 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:30 pm

lol, yeah, I suppose I am frustrated.

I should point out that this is not a criticism of Launchbar. Just because it doesn't do the one thing I want it to do doesn't make it subpar in any way. It just means it doesn't do what I want and I am, admittedly, selfishly frustrated by that.

The growing problem with Quicksilver is that its not in active development. This was an issue a year ago and still is. I guess my real frustration is that at some point QS will not be usable on a Mac and there will not be an application that works the way I've worked the past 4 years to replace it with.

So apologies to Launchbar fans if I come off strong, its not intended as a jab against the app. Thanks for listening.

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