Some Mistake everyone avoid when designing a logo

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Some Mistake everyone avoid when designing a logo

Postby aneesmasudi » Fri Nov 30, 2018 4:13 pm

Hi, I am a professional logo designer and I am working since last 10 years in Dubai and I see lots of logo designer do some common mistakes that are not good because when you are designing a logo so will be very careful

Let’s take a look on some common logo designing mistake that you should avoid while you designing a logo for your client or for any company

Your logo design must flexible because your logo is a lifetime, you will encounter many different products so you should design a Custom logo design

Another common issue is that your logo does not seem clear in black and white color it should be attractive for your customers in different color
It goes without saying that your logo is not look similar to your competitor because it makes a bad impression to your customers

Your logo design must have the ability to connect you with the market or your consumer

When the logo goes out into the world. So, you ensure your brand designer that your graphic should be the same on all the other medium like paper, Screens, fabrics, plastic

I hope this post is helpful to you and because of these points you can easily solve your issue whether you are in the middle of a logo design process and if you already have a logo and your graphics have some mistake so you should be revamping your existing logo and If you also have some point kindly comment it will helpful for every designer

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