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"application not responding" (Launchbar 6 vs 4)

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:30 pm
by davidfclayton
I'm attempting to upgrade from Launchbar 4.33 to 6.96. Version 4 continues to work fine on my MacBook (now running Mojave, 10.14). I installed Version 6 a few days ago and have left the MacBook on so Launchbar indexing seems to have finished. And sometimes Version 6 seems to work OK, however -- it periodically goes non-responsive for minute(s) at a time: command-spacebar doesn't bring up the app and the keys I then type just get entered into the text or app I've been working on. Needless to say, this pretty much undermines the whole point of using Launch bar. When I revert back to Version 4, everything seems to work smoothly. Is this a known problem in Launchbar 6? More importantly, is this something I can fix? Or do I just stay with Launchbar 4 until it no longer runs...