Failure-to-Launch any application

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Failure-to-Launch any application

Postby Abraham_Bartolo » Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:37 pm

When I type in the word “entourage” in the LaunchBar v 6.9.5/6163 (“LB”) window of my Mac OSX v10.13.4, the application "Microsoft Entourage" does not open. In previous versions of LB, I was able to open Microsoft Entourage by typing this word, or even “ent.”

The option of opening Microsoft entourage is not presented; the top return is an emoji entitled “Information Desk Woman.” Although I am appreciative of the irony of this failure-to-launch suggestion, I would much prefer to use letters to launch applications from LaunchBar.

I hope you can assist me and restore this valuable function to my LaunchBar application.

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