FR: calculator history & paste entire sum

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FR: calculator history & paste entire sum

Post by ptim » Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:49 am

I often find myself doing extended calculations, and wanting to document the workings (say in an email).

My process often looks like this:

- invoke the calculator `cmd-space, =`
- type sum
- select all, copy
- enter, `shift-enter` to paste answer
- cursor back to before answer, paste the equation from the clipboard

If there is a comparison involved (another version of the calculation):

- invoke the calculator again
- paste the equation, edit it
- repeat the copy paste routine

This would be much easier for me with two features (in the scope of the calculator):

- `cmd-enter` to paste the equation _and_ the answer, eg: `1+1=2`
- keep a history of equations (very like a sandboxed clipboard), allowing me to re-select recent equations...

Fingers crossed it fits with your vision - I'd love a bit more leverage with calculations!

Thanks for reading! ptim

(I do own, but love Launchbar, would rather not open another app)

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