Hazeover x Launchbar issue

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Hazeover x Launchbar issue

Postby zhuqh93 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:27 pm

Just found an annoying issue about using Hazeover & Launchbar at the same time.

When I switch from other workspace back to home space (the default workspace), launchbar always appear to be the top front application if there's no any other applications or windows shown at the space, you can tell by looking at the left top corner showing the application name "LaunchBar" (if you have no Hazeover installed).
Here's the problem, if I turn on Hazeover, when I switch from other workspace to home space, the whole screen will darken (that's how Hazeover works), and this makes me uncomfortable because I enjoy looking at the wallpaper when no windows or applications open on the space.

Any idea why launchbar works like that (always appear as the top front application if there's no other windows, when I switch from other workspace to the default one)?

I really want to fix this bug, please help.

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Re: Hazeover x Launchbar issue

Postby SteveH » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:41 am

I have been seeing this problem too, initially with the application switcher Witch showing loads of Launchbar windows, increasing over time.

As a consequence, Witch slowed right down, presumably having to index and track all these windows. I disabled Witch but still had the problem where Launchbar was stealing focus. The frustration was such that for the moment I’ve stopped using Launchbar.

All of this started for me with High Sierra.

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