How Do I Restrict Indexing of Firefox Bookmarks?

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How Do I Restrict Indexing of Firefox Bookmarks?

Post by JMichaelTX » Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:53 pm

First, let me say that I love LaunchBar. It is an incredible product. One of the best I have seen/used in a very long time.
I just installed it about a week ago to test. I will be purchasing it shortly.

Issue: How Can I Restrict the LaunchBar Index for Firefox Bookmarks to ONLY those in the "Bookmarks Toolbar"?

Another related question, which would satisfy my immediate needs, is:
How do I create an Abbreviation for opening a specific URL in FireFox, which is NOT my default browser?

I am running LaunchBar 6.7.2 (6136) and Firefox 48.0.1 (4816.8.17) on macOS 10.11.4.

Indexing Firefox Bookmarks
LaunchBar does not respect the Indexing Options setting for FireFox Bookmarks.
Even though I have selected Search Scope = "Favorites Bar", it still shows ALL bookmarks.

I am assuming that what you call "Favorites Bar" is actually "Bookmarks ToolBar", since FireFox does NOT have anything called "Favorites Bar".

I have tried, without success the following:
  • Refresh LB Index (all)
  • Refresh LB Index (Bookmarks and History)
  • Refresh LB Index for Selected Rule (Firefox Bookmarks)
  • Click on the refresh button at the bottom of the index list when viewing FireFox Bookmarks
  • Restart LB
  • Restart my MacBook Pro 15R
  • Run the FireFox extension "Vacuum Places Improved", which defrags the FF places.sqlite database
  • Searched the LB documentation
  • Searched the LB forum

ScreenShot of FireFox Bookmarks Manager

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