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How can I enable LauncBar's full functionality with the files in my Bootcamp partition?

Posted: Sun May 08, 2016 5:21 am
by JimmyTheSaint
My Bootcamp partition shows in LaunchBar's index as one of my included volumes in the index. LB navigates to any file in my Bootcamp partition by first typing "Bootcamp" without a problem. But none of the files from my Bootcamp partition show in LB's index, and naturally they're never found by LaunchBar when searched for directly. Also, I can't assign abbreviations to any file in the Bootcamp partitioin because LB reports that the selected item isn't contained in my index--yet I can browse to it, can launch it, and can get information on it via LaunchBar. Is there a fix or is this some known limitation? Site search didn't turn up any relevant info.