A couple of basic questions

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A couple of basic questions

Post by j_l_r » Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:31 pm

The Getting Started with Launchbar tutorial shows a few functions that I can't seem to replicate:

1) The Text Input screen says pressing the space bar triggers a text-input box. Doesn't seem to work. If I was in a Finder folder, it either opens up a sub-folder or acts like when you hit the spacebar in Finder (i,e, the "light-weight" info box comes up)

2) I can't seem to get directly to specific Finder folders. If I activate LaunchBar and start typing, for example "Lib" (no quotes) to try to get to the Library folder it instead pulls up Libra (♎️). If I start types "Doc" (also no quotes) Document Revision History comes up.

3) Finally, is there a way to set it so LaunchBar doesn't show up when doing a cmd-tab to cycle through open applications? - Figured this one out. Don't know why I missed the checkbox.

In advance, thank you!

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Re: A couple of basic questions

Post by jackvinson » Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:11 pm

Not clear what #1 means. In the preferences for LaunchBar, you can set the keyboard shortcut used to bring up the window. I think the default is Cmd-Space.

For #2, it may have to do with Launchbar indexing everything. (I just tried "lib" and it found a couple library directories, including /Users/myname/Library) For what it's worth, If you can get to the folder in question eventually in Launchbar, then you can set a shortcut for that item. With the item visible in the LaunchBar window (sorry, don't have all the terminology), hit Cmd-Option-A to assign an abbreviation. This can be handy if you want an abbreviation that isn't inherently part of the text. For example, I might set "jv" as the abbreviation for the "jackvinson" directory. Or "cb" as the abbreviation for the "citizens savings bank" website from my Favorites.

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