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[LB6 Action] Delete

Postby m267 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:08 am

I’ve written a little action to delete files/folders.

Installer and documentation:

English page
German page


Select items in the Finder or in LaunchBar and …

  • Instantly delete the file
  • Delete and securely overwrite (1× to 35×)
  • Overwrite just the content, without deleting the file
  • Delete only data fork
  • Delete resource fork
  • Delete all extended attributes
  • Delete the metafiles .DS_Store and Icon?
  • Delete empty folders


  • Action can be used in two modes: 1) Only files (safer), or 2) also folders and recursive.
  • Lists items before deletion and asks for confirmation
  • After action / error report


Use with care!

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