script does not work when run from LB

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script does not work when run from LB

Post by iRounak » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:22 am

I wrote a script to send currently viewed image in Safari to my iPhone via Messages app.

The script works nicely from Script Editor. When run from LB, it gives error:
Can’t make "Macintosh HD:Users:irounak:Documents:temp:thisTempImage.jpg" into type reference.

Any workarounds?

Code: Select all

      do shell script "rm /Users/irounak/Documents/temp/thisTempImage.jpg"
   end try
   tell application "Safari" to set theURL to URL of front document
   set thefile to do shell script "curl -o  /Users/irounak/Documents/temp/thisTempImage.jpg " & theURL
   set thefile to (path to documents folder) & "temp:thisTempImage.jpg" as string
   repeat 5 times
      if exists thefile then
         tell application "Messages"
            send file thefile to buddy "Rounak Cell"
            exit repeat
         end tell
      end if
   end repeat
on error e
   tell me to activate
   display dialog e
end try

LB5, 10.9

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