Beginner seeking help with workflow

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Beginner seeking help with workflow

Post by tabascocat3000 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:32 pm

I'm new to LaunchBar and would like to create a workflow that runs an applescript. I found this script that removes the automatically added citation text from a Kindle app quote that has been copied to the clipboard.

set t to the clipboard
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"(p. ", ")"}
set bits to every text item of t
set pageNumber to item 3 of bits
set quote to first paragraph of t
return quote & " (" & pageNumber & ")"

Is this something launchbar can do? And how?


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Re: Beginner seeking help with workflow

Post by raguay » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:59 am

Check out this post for details: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=10268

Just swap out the given AppleScript file with yours and your done.

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