[LB6 Action] Search for files using HoudahSpot

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[LB6 Action] Search for files using HoudahSpot

Post by houdah » Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:04 pm

Dependencies: HoudahSpot 4.0

HoudahSpot is a powerful file search utility. It extends Spotlight and makes it easy to find files. Even in a "haystack" of files accumulated over years.

HoudahSpot implements a custom URL scheme. This can be used with LaunchBar search templates to start customized file searches.
The "Search with HoudahSpot" LaunchBar action provides a more elegant way to start a HoudahSpot search.

The action accepts text input. Select the action in LaunchBar and press the space key to start entering text. The action will start a HoudahSpot search with the text. By default, HoudahSpot searches for files matching the text you have entered. The search field does allow for more complex queries. See the HoudahSpot User Guide for more details.

The action also accepts a folder location. Select the action in LaunchBar and press the return key. You will be ask to select a folder. The action will open a new HoudahSpot search focussed on the selected location.

Download link: Search with HoudahSpot.lbaction

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